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Updated: Feb 12

Owner of hey gorgeous you hair care "

Did you know you can customize your wig?

Today, many clients are wearing wigs as an accessory, I would say your alter ego, or in between a protective style.

Some may have serious problems, alopecia, ticks pulling of the hair a silent issue.

Many of you have gotten Covid and the side effects has been hair loss. I have been behind the chair for over 20 years I’ve seen moles pimples psoriasis, even cancer now we have a new private.

Issue and that is hair loss from Covid why aren’t we talking about it?

I have seen an increase of hair loss with clients who have suffered with Covid ..

Yes, your hair eventually grows back, but what do you do in the meantime when you’re seeing clumps of hair, fall out in your sink, shower and when you brush your hair.

And why is this secret? It’s almost like a taboo. We are free to talk about the side effects of this catastrophic disease.

Well I’m going to let you know I see you I hear you and I have a solutions for you. If you have been affected by hair loss due to all these conditions, I list above please inbox me I would love to hear your story I would love to help YOU🦋

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